As a young boy, Ray Jackson had a dream to work with wild life. It didn’t look like becoming a fact of life  for many years as he worked in a Crewe Engineering  firm. But he became frustrated with the boring job  and when he got the chance he took redundancy  and set out to achieve his dream.
It did not come easily, however, and it was a couple of years before he got the chance to work with voluntary staff at the Lower Moss Nature Reserve  Animal Hospital which was funded mainly by donations. Mr Jackson stuck at it and eventually he was able, thanks to the generosity of a Scottish lady he had never met to turn the ramshackle wooden shed hospital into a new purpose-built  hospital for wild animals. The Scottish woman who had heard of his efforts from a friend left Ray £150,000 in total to achieve his dream.
Now he treats all types of wild animals who are in need of hospitalisation and also provides educational visits  for school children teaching them about wild life and what the hospital  can do for the animals. His efforts have been acknowledged  nationally  and he has been awarded the MBE. Mr Jackson also gives talks  on the hospital which is not open to the public and Knutsford Rex Probus members were most appreciative  of his engaging manner at their last meeting.
Richard Fenby gave advance notice of a new social event planned for Tuesday January 16 – a luxury afternoon tea at the Brasserie Blanc while Bob Flint announced a Bowls Dinner at the Dunn Cow on November 22.
The Discussion  Group will meet on November 7, when the topic will be “Infrastructure” while the  indoor winter bowling will get under way  at the Owley Wood  Club in Weaverham  on Wednesday November 22 and Wednesday December 13 with matches starting at 10.30.