In his final speech as Chairman, Richard Fenby, made a plea for new members at the AGM of the Club. He said that there had been an unexpected number of deaths of members over the past two years and there was a need to fill the vacancies. He urged members to seek out newly retired  businessmen who might be interested in joining the Club. They would have the opportunity to come to meetings as guests before  deciding whether it was what  they sought.

The Club also has a website ( and he asked members to spread the news about the website which has information on all the activities of the Club. In addition, anyone interested in joining  could contact the Honorary Secretary Jerry Bentley on 01565649988 or

Mr Fenby has been succeeded as Chairman by Alan Jolley, with Donald  Johnson taking on the role of vice-chairman. Dick Warwick is the new President, taking over from the late George Tyror.