At the last meeting of the Club David Howard paid tribute to Mike Johnson, the Walks secretary, who has retired after many years of service.”I would like to thank Mike on behalf of all the walkers, strollers and diners, past and present, for the many years of service to the Club” said Mr Howard “I hope and trust that he will continue to walk with us for many years to come.”

Also retiring as organiser of the IT Group, David Bryant will be succeeded by Jim Flett.

The AGM of the Club is being held this week (Thursday) and Dick Warwick will be elected President in succession to the late George Tyror while Allan Jolley will take over as Chairman from Richard Fenby with Don Johnson coming in as vice-chairman. Jerry Bentley and Anthony Whitworth continues as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Other key points included the need to capitalise on the new Website in order to maintain momentum in gaining additional members, and the election of new Officers.

Section Secretaries are:

  • Speakers: Ken Ackroyd
  • Walks: David Howard
  • Bowls: Roger Collins
  • Dining: Terry Parkinson
  • Social Events: Richard Fenby
  • IT: Jim Flett
  • Bridge: Richard Fenby
  • Discussion: Mike Harrison

The talk given at the General Meeting following the AGM was “Passwords: A Boring Subject?” which was an entertaining account by member Richard Martin of his experiences in industry grappling with the need to protect secrets while making life tolerable for those needing access.

Forthcoming Speakers

  • March 9th: A Musician on the Road, by Rae Owens
  • March 23rd: Adventures in Northern Pakistan, by Roy Willis
  • April 13th: The Story of Jodrell Bank, by Prof. Ian Morison
  • April 27th: Darwin, by Dr Simon La Frenais

The next meeting of the Discussion Group will be on Tuesday  March 2 (7.30) when the subject will be “Have the Unions Passed their Sell by Date ?.