After 21 years  of supporting the walking group, Dick Warwick led his last long walk through the historic town of Nantwich and the surrounding countryside. Mike Johnson thanked Dick at the last meeting of the Club for all his efforts . Mr Johnson also reminded members that the annual Walkers v Bowlers match  will be held on 21 September.
The bowlers tale of woe continued with losses to Alderley Edge (115-86) and to Church Hulme (109-99). Hope springs eternal with matches against Warford Park and Knutsford Rotary to come.
The discussion group, who may have to find a new home for their monthly meetings, had football and the lack of support  from wealthy Premier League Clubs for the grassroots in the sport as their topic at the Whipping Stocks. After almost two hours of discussion  it would seem money IS the root of all evil with teams like Macclesfield Town picking up the crumbs left by the giants of the game.
The speaker after the last meeting was David Hill who gave an illustrated talk on the Crystal Palace – not the football club. He described the  design and the construction of the famous site which was successful as an exhibition hall for the 1851  Exhibition. He then told of its relocation and eventual  destruction by fire  in the 1930s. The speaker at the next meeting(Aug 10) will be Derek Poulson whose topic is “It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it.”
19th August Update
Members looked like having a meeting without a speaker when Derek Poulson appeared to have lost his way to Knutsford, from Newcastle-under-Lyme and failed to put in an appearance as the last meeting of the club got under way. But with minutes to spare Mr Poulson, long blond hair flowing in the rush, swept into the room at the Mere and Tabley Club, discarded his jacket and proceeded to talk without notes for the next hour on “It’s not what you say. It’s the way that you say it.”
Mr Poulson, an actor  and story teller , took the members on a tour of the British Isles and Ireland with a fleeting visit to the United States, using his remarkable talent to illustrate the different accents and dialects local people use. It was humorous, most  entertaining and educative to the extent  that he described the antipathy that sometimes exists between nearby neighbours with different accents and dialects.
It was generally agreed that this  was one of the best talks given to the Club in the last year. The speaker at the next meeting will be Brian Green , who will have “Andrew His Amazing Technicolour Musicals” as his subject.
Poor  Roger Collins, Chair of the Bowls Section , had his usual mix of good and bad news – mainly bad as the Club have won only six of 19 matches. Hopes of retaining the annual George Tyror Cup against Tatton Probus, setting up a hat-trick of successes, were dashed when Rex lost 106-82.
The Discussion Group is to move to a new venue because the owner of the Whipping Stocks has decided to ban private use of rooms in all  his pubs. They will move to the Mere and Tabley Community Club.
The IT Section addressed the problems of “scams” at their meeting and what to do about them. Jim Flett said he would circulate some notes on the subject to IT members and also to any Club members who expressed an interest.