The Club’s new website- – was launched on August 1st, ahead of schedule and both members and prospective members can keep up to date with all the various activities that  go on. 

Professor Nigel Linge, of Salford University, gave an enthralling talk on “How Manchester Cotton Wired up the World” revealing how the cotton barons in Manchester financially backed the development of the Newfoundland – Ireland undersea  telegraph cable which was successfully completed in 1866 despite a number of set-backs when the original cable was cut or lost. The link was the forerunner of a world-wide network of international communications that we tend to take for granted these days.

The speaker at the next meeting on August 11th is Mr Bernard Bloom whose topic is “Water- A Very Strange Liquid”.

The Bowls team continued their up-and-down season with a win over Alderley Edge 92-68, but a loss to Macclesfield by 113-75. They have won five games, lost nine and drawn one this season.

There will be a Club  Lunch on August 25th.