Information Technology (IT)

The IT Group meets formally on a monthly basis and informally whenever members wish to discuss matters.

Meetings are chaired by the Group Leader covering a wide range of subjects, including Presentations, Question and Answer and Open discussions with an Agenda circulated in advance.

Recent subjects include:

  • Cyber fraud
  • Photography
  • Movie Making
  • Banking
  • Access to Digitised Mapping (including use of our extensive archive of digitised walking maps)
  • Performance/ experience of desk tops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and, ancillaries.

Recently the group has expanded its interests into some of the non-computer electronic devices that are now part of our lives such as smart phones, dash cameras, TV sound systems and Sat Navs.

Open discussions at our meetings are popular and cater for the wide range of our collective knowledge at all levels with the aim of keeping us up to date with the increasing use of IT influences in our daily life.

The Mere Club venue for our meetings has Broadband for the benefit of all our members and we maintain good contacts with other Probus Clubs to share information from time to time.